Echeveria flower

Echeveria flowers are the most beautiful succulent flowers. Many people have this beautiful plant in their houseplant collection. Growing echeveria flower plants required a good knowledge of succulents.

The amount of light and grow room temperature impact the blooming of echeveria.

In this post, we will find the answers to the most asked questions about Echeveria flowers.

How do Echeveria flowers?

Echeveria flowers bloom one after another. This is called a flowering cycle and it takes weeks to finish. At first, the flowers at the bottom part of the plant start to die. Then it takes few days to dies the top flowers.

Orange, pink, white are the common colors of flowers. There are some varieties that produce red color flowers. Red flower Echeveria is hard to find in garden stores. 

Each flower has many plant seeds. To grow more plants, you need to take out these seeds and sow them. if you don’t do anything then the plant itself multiplies it from seeds.

When the flowers die they fall on the ground and the seeds start to germinate. It does not matter you sow the seeds or buy the big plant from the market. The growing and caring steps are the same for each type of echeveria flower plant.


Like other succulents, this plant also needs a good amount of direct sunlight. It is best for you to grow this plant outdoors. But if you want you can grow it in pots. For indoor growing echeveria you need to arrange the bright light for them.

The light must be indirect, not direct sunlight. But in the morning time, you can put the plant on the windowsill for 3 to 4 hours. Because in the morning time the sun emits low intense light. Like everybody says morning sun rays are good for humans. They are also good for all types of plants.


For indoor growing plants use specially made cactus potting soil. Water them regularly during summer and spring.

In winters, check the soil conditions before watering them. If you are not an experienced grower and cannot check the soil moisture by touching the soil. You can buy a soil moisture meter.

This a kind of meter that tells the moisture level of the soil. All you need to do is insert the spindle in the soil and follow the instructions.

Remember that excess water can cause root rot. This problem is more common in winters. Because in summertime the hot winds evaporate excess water quickly. This saves plants from excess water.

If the pot has a draining hole then no need to worry about the negative effects of overwatering. The extra water gets drained out of this bottom hole.

learn how to save plants from over watering?

Fertilizer & Temperature

Echeverias can survive in low fertile soil. Therefore, no need to fertilize them with extra nutrients. Indoor growing plants need to be fertilized before the blooming season. They need some nutrient boost to develop flowers.

The best temperature range for the echeveria flowers is 60 to 75 F. Plant starts to suffer when the temperature drops below 50 F.

Because of this growing echeveria indoor is easy as compared to outdoor. The indoor temperature of our houses is perfect for plants. You only need to save them from our heating vents. The central heating house owners may face difficulties in growing plants in winters.

They have an equal amount of temperature in all parts of the house. This hot air in all parts of the house keeps the plant-soil dry.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you find any problem in growing Echeveria flower plants. Contact our team any time.